Link building package

November 7, 2010

The more article directories you get your article published in the more one way backlinks your article can bring you. For sure you want to publish it in the top article directories based on traffic and page rank.

However article directories not as well known can be a good source of one way backlinks as well. Any page that you can get your article published on can turn into a high ranked page in the future.

 Link building package

We all drool at the thought of having the sort of hit rating of the power bloggers so what sets them apart form us. In one word, traffic. We use as many ways as we can to try and get people to our sites and that’s about us wanting to give value to our visitors. We know the value we have so I believe this is one way we can “spread the word” and create pathways to our site using IMAutomator as a tool to help us do that. The paid subscriptions are closed at the monent until the new release in September but you can still send out 10 backlinks through the free membership and start increasing our PR immediately. ...


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